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“3”’ more inches is absolutely perfect for brides, who want to get their hair back to its best condition over a period of months. My hair certainly looked like it had more volume, without heaviness or sticky products. Plus it gave amazing shine.”

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“Changed the quality of my hair! – I can honestly say that 3”’  more inches has changed the quality of my hair.”

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How it works

Explanation of the Science

Hair is a complex structure of hard and soft proteins with a delicate moisture balance. Once out of the scalp it is no longer part of the living tissue and so cannot repair itself. From here it starts to suffer the wear and tear of everyday living – UV light, aggressive heat styling, poor quality products, seawater, chlorine, hair colourants and other chemical processes etc. These cause damage to the surface and interior. As the molecular bonds start to break, the mass begins to leach away. As more of these protein bonds are lost, the hair is less able hair is to hold moisture, and the more brittle it becomes. This accelerates the loss of further bonds and so the degenerative cycle speeds up. Hair then ages rapidly.

How the 3”’ more inches System works

This unique complex of naturally derived cashmere proteins in a blend of select conditioning agents penetrates deep into the hair shaft; repairing broken bonds and helping to protect the hair from further disintegration. The natural cashmere proteins and amino acids closely match the molecular structure of human hair so fit better in the gaps and hold longer. A stitch in time saves nine. After shampooing, 3”’ more inches Conditioner then provides a further protective seal on the surface. Following the 3″‘ more inches System slows down the aging process so your hair stays healthier and grows longer before it dries out. It will be easier to manage, more vibrant looking, and hold its colour for longer, giving you more inches of youthful, silky, supple, sexy healthy hair.